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Day 1
10 Aug 2017
Day 2
11 Aug 2017

Sydney and New Zealand Guests Picked Up At Melbourne Airport

Please contact Carlie Young if you cannot find the group.

Melbourne Guests Picked Up At South Melbourne

Meeting point location is at Billy’s Pantry cafe, 35 Coventry Street, South Melbourne.

Ghost in the Machine: Data’s Human Soul

People have never been so complex. Influenced by access to globalised information streams, identities can be cut and pasted and created from a thousand sources. The demographics which have historically guided our comms planning are becoming increasingly meaningless. Fortunately, Big Data is here to help us. But taking advantage of its benefits can be challenging. This talk will examine the pitfalls and opportunities today’s data-led media environment affords brands, and the importance of placing humans at the heart of it.  
Tyler Greer

Targeting vs Optimisation

Whether it’s contextual, demographic or behavioural, segment targeting has underpinned much of the media planning system for many years. But is this still the best approach? Human behaviour and the influences that drive it can shift in real time, and the things that matter today may not tomorrow. The paradox of better understanding human complexities is that we sometimes need to rely on machine technology.
Steffen Crouwel

Lunch Break

Join us next door at The Rare Hare Café, a restaurant, wine bar and produce store managed by executive chef, Guy Stanaway. Enjoy the floor-to-ceiling windows revealing the Willow Creek vines stretching to the forest and the winery’s barrel room, visible from the dining room. Share plates will be served for all to enjoy the modern Australian cuisine with the freshest ingredient sourced from the surrounding farms and vineyards.

How to Achieve Human Engagement in the Mobile Ecosystem

The mobile ecosystem is intricate and often deemed to be one of the most difficult to navigate yet it is the most connected and personalised platform, providing advertisers with the greatest opportunity to build human connection. Acknowledgement and understanding of these intricacies is the key that unlocks mobiles versatility allowing for the establishment of relevant, intimate and real human connections within consumer journeys. During this session attendees will learn about the unique and strong affinity humans have with these devices and how to consider these sensitive relationships when strategically developing engaging mobile creative.  
Nicole Liebmann


Ben Maudsley
Jonas Jaanimagi
Sylvia Pickering

Wine Tasting & Tour

Experience a private wine tasting & tour with the property’s winemaker Geraldine McFaul. Learn about the 11-hectare Willow Creek Vineyard, planted back in 1989.


Join us under an arrestingly beautiful canopy of slow twinkling, 10,000 globe chandeliers for a fine dining experience to remember.


An experienced mixologist will conduct a cocktail-making class for all to enjoy.

Morning Yoga (OPTIONAL)

Start your day right, and take in the stunning surroundings, during an early morning session with a yogi.


Enjoy a big breakfast at Doot Doot Doot, where technique meets culinary curiosity.

Check Out & Baggage Drop

Check out of rooms & leave tagged bags at reception for collection at the end of Day 2 program.

Day 2 to Commence

Overview of Day 2, and a recap of Day 1.

Mind Hacking and Digital Marketing

Psychologists have sought to understand human behaviour for more than a century. Though it’s only in recent times that marketers have tried to use this knowledge to influence consumer behaviour. “Mind Hacking” is the practice of appealing to instinctive tendencies—getting consumers to behave in predictable ways. Consumers trust what other consumers say about a brand, and in these times of social networks and mobile connectedness word of mouth has taken centre stage. In this talk, you’ll learn the science behind what causes consumers to share content with others, how to motivate consumer engagement online, and how the cleverest brands are hacking the minds of consumers to spread their messages wide and far.  
Dr Brent Coker

Engagement by Design: Creating People-centric Media Experiences

The media landscape is in great upheaval. Today, brands and media planners are challenged with changes in technology, structural decentralisation, and an audience that is spread thin across a multitude of devices and channels. This is not disruption; this is a new paradigm. But for all the change, the enduring role of media remains to connect brands with audiences. How we design those brand connections matters. In this presentation we explore the way human behaviour across the digital ecosystem can better help us shape our campaigns and create a more meaningful connection with audiences.  
Tyler Greer